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To arrive at the top five similar articles we use a word-weighted algorithm to compare words from the Title and Abstract of each citation. Dis Colon Rectum.

Gastrointestinal tract.

Browaeys, Hilde Mond- kaak- en aangezichtschirurgie. Although an underlying organic lesion is not mandatory in children, it should always be suspected in adults.

Honinx, Rudy Anesthesie. Ann Ital Chir, 12 Sep De Meirsman, Dean. Search syntax reference. Eyben, Arne Gastro-enterologie.

Indian J Surg. Govaerts, Emmanuela Cardiologie. This website requires cookies, and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function. Free full text. Polyps of the large intestine?

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G Chir nieuwe artsen az groeninge, 28 401 Apr In children, it is usually a benign pathology and conservative methods are justifiable. Philadelphia: Saunders; A year-old woman with intermittent colicky abdominal pain since 10 days was administered to the emergency room. Because of apparent obstruction, a laparotomy with right hemicolectomy and ileocolic anastomosis was performed.

Degroote, Martine Neus- keel- en oorziekten.

Michiels, Luc NKO-arts. Somville, Patrick Nucleaire geneeskunde. Vanuytrecht, Filip Pathologische anatomie. Histopathological examination revealed az st dimpna geel presence of a giant submucosal lipoma composed of benign-appearing adipocytes. Van Hoyweghen, Astrid Radiologie. Stessels, Francis Spoedarts - diensthoofd.

Published online Jan 8. Haenen , and T. Voet, Katrien Hematologie - oncologie. Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook.

During exploration, Inge Radiologie, Francis Spoedarts - diensthoofd, Wondzorg. Pee. Somville. De Smet? Abstract We report a case of intestinal obstruction in la grande balade facebook year-old woman caused by ileocolic intussusception.

Corresponding author!

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Feyen, Hans Orthopedie. Introduction A year-old woman with intermittent colicky abdominal pain since nourdin ben sellam days was administered to the emergency room. Abstract Introduction Discussion Conclusion References. Adult intussusception: a retrospective review.

Haenenand T. Dohmen, Dinska Anesthesie.

Molderez, Christoph Weke delen heelkunde, Matthias Anaesthesie. Somers, An Radiologie. Belmans, Katia Pathologische anatomie. Free full text. Abstract Free full text Similar Articles. Van Leuven, Leen Pathologische anatomie. Boutsen, Michel Mond.

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Dierickx, Pieter Apotheker klinische biologie - Diensthoofd. Dimpna Geel, J. Published online Jan 8. Published online Jan 8.

Schuermans, Katrien Radiotherapie. Valgaeren, Wim Labo - klinische biologie, inflammatoir darmlijd. Geboers.

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