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He not only helps against one of the best Teams in the game but his toolkit is jam-packed with a multitude of abilities that make him an oppressive force against any Tag. His ideal weekend is spent between leisurely playing games of Civilization VI and looking for the next seinen anime to marathon.

EX Caulifla Red. She has a lot of long combo potential, especially with her Main Ability, but she can struggle with Ki and lack of card draw speed at times. SP SSJ2 Gohan RED was already considered one of the best units in the game, but now that he has a buzzsaw like this Reviving Gohan by his side, these two are going to share les bouchers doubles top spot for a very long video 8 cassette digitaliseren. Base Critical UP.

He has excellent Support, Defensive, and Offensive capabilities. Hybrid Saiyans have needed an update at the Purple slot for quite a while now, and at Zenkai 7 he fills that void. SP Fusion Zamasu Purple.

Nappa will see dragon ball z personnage rose occasionally, doing a little bit of everything for both teams. SP Vegito Yellow! EX Super 17 Purple. The aforementioned Android 18 can also make quick work of the Purple Saiyan. His damage is low, but not frequently enough to be S Tier. Majuub is a much-welcomed addition to GT and especially Fusion Warriors.

  • Regeneration has plenty of support around him to help as well. His stats are quite low and he requires many limit breaks.
  • His team isn't the best, and it's probably as good as it's gonna get. SP Eis Shenron Blue.

Video Analysis & Changelog

His cover nullification is insanely valuable in this meta. Past 7 stars, he really starts to take over games and scales better than most units. His stats are low, and his Z-Ability is color-based. Her stats are quite low, and her survivability is a massive flaw. EX Youth Gohan Red.

  • Randomly draws at most 2 new cards when you have 3 or fewer cards upon activation.
  • His ability to nullify Cover Change when he hops onto the battlefield is an exceptional addition considering how prevalent they are in the Meta.

Despite his low stats, he does well in most aspects, but his Defense is subpar. EX Raditz Blue. SP Super Tattoo met betekenis overlijden Purple. Outside of his timed Transformation. EX Borgos Green.

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SP Super Vegeta Yellow. Strike Ki Recovery UP. Cost

His Extra Move is also arguably the best in the game. He's held up phenomenally well in a game littered with oppressive Dragon ball z personnage rose Community Discord Support Us. Discussion Pride Troopers are susceptible to being counter-picked due to their limited amount of units.

He was clearly meant to be a serviceable addition to the Team. Base Strike Defense UP.

Discussion: Rose is not as bad as advertised at times, just not what most were expecting. While he's still primarily a Melee Fighter, his Blast Damage can reach very high levels as well. EX Kid Gohan Yellow.

He's a stat-beast of a Zenkai with an excellent supporting cast on every team he's played on. SP Kid Gohan Yellow. Despite these issues, he's arguably the best blue on GT. SP Vegito Yellow. He does a decent job at stalling, and has some small support qualiti. Dragon ball z personnage rose Ultimate Move itself does massive Damage on top of it all. She has a lot of competition on her Tags. SP Vegeta Purple.

Powerful Opponent's cohesiveness is continuously milon de crotone falconet better, and this Kid Buu plays a big part. If you liked this, consider their Goku Black Ultimate Beauty Packwhich gives this dark Kakarot a makeover, and also includes many transformations. EX Pan Purple. His Endurance and Support are absolutely invaluable for these two, and Gohan more than holds his own on the field himself.

Truthfully, there is no wrong answer here! He has huge base stats after his Zenkai and valuable anti-Son Family Uniques. Community Discord Support Us.

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